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Svi zainteresovani mogu da se jave putem e-mail:  ili na tel:+381 63 348 443

All interested can write e-mail:  or or call +381 63 348 443 and +33 625 811 549

1.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Ultra Fortune (male, BC fawn) pic1 Sold in Italy.
2.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Uniqu'O Monde (male, BC fawn) pic2 Sold in France.
3.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Up At Um For Coatakinti (male, BC fawn) pic3 Sold in England.
4.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Up To Stars Ingrem Rey (male, BC fawn) Sold in Russia.
5.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Une Fortune (female, BC fawn) pic4 
6.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Up Yours From Jolerob (female, BC fawn) pic5 Sold in England.
7.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Ulia (female, BC fawn) Sold in France.
8.Gold Panonia Chandagueres Up To Il Tempio (female, BC fawn) pic6 Sold in Italy.

Good Fortune You're Not The Boss Of Me

CH.Gold Panonia Naomi Campbell
HD/A, ED/0, DNA test, Serbian Champion


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