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Svi zainteresovani mogu da se jave putem e-mail:  ili na tel:+381 63 348 443

All interested can write by e-mail: 
or call +381 63 348 443 and +33 625 811 549

1. Gold Panonia Chloe Chandagueres (female red fawn) Sold in Slovenia
2. Gold Panonia Caramel Macchiato  Chandagueres (female red fawn) Sold in France.
3. Gold Panonia Crème Brûlée  Chandagueres (female red fawn) Sold in France.
4. Gold Panonia Candy Honey Chandagueres (female apricot)  Sold in France (La Reunion Island).

Multi CH Gold Panonia Chandagueres Ultra Fortune
Serbian CH., Macedonian CH., Montenegro CH., San Marino CH., Bulgarian CH., Junior Italian CH.
CH Peppe Nero I Spy With My Eye
HD/A, ED/0, DNA, Serbian CH.


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