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Svi zainteresovani mogu da se jave putem e-mail:  ili na tel:+381 63 348 443

All interested can write by e-mail:
or call on:  +381 63 348 443 and +33 625 811 549

1.Gold Panonia Feniks Chandaguères (male, BC fawn) Sold in Germany.
2.Gold Panonia Ford Chandaguères (male, BC fawn) Sold in France (Guadeloupe Island).
3.Gold Panonia Fantom Chandaguères (male, BC fawn) Sold in France.
4.Gold Panonia Fame Chandaguères (female, BC fawn) Sold in France. 
5.Gold Panonia France Chandaguères (female, BC fawn) Sold in France.

Multi.CH.Fabulous Red Clyde Gold Panonia des Chandaguères
Bulgarian CH., Moldova CH., Ukrainian CH., Cyprian CH., Georgian CH.
CH.Gold Panonia Naomi Campbell
HD/A, ED/0, Serbian Champion, DNA test


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